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I am a native New Yorker, a licensed New York Sightseeing Guide, photographer, storm chaser and a lover of all things New York. I am incredibly proud to call myself a New Yorker for I have always cherished my city and all that it represents. I love its rich and fascinating history, its diversity of..Read more

I spent many years in advertising sales and believe in the old adage, “know your client.” With this in mind my tours are specialized to the likes and desires of my clientele. I believe that time spent with me should be an engaging, informative and entertaining experience that you will never forg..Read more

I first went to New York with my father when I was 5 years old. He was in the toy business and came here for trade shows. The first place I had to go was the Empire State building and I mean to the top of it. The toys could wait; I had to get up in the clouds. What a view. Growing up in Lancaster, P..Read more

Before I moved into New York City I had a misty but familiar feeling about New York. I had grown up in the New Jersey suburbs, only three miles away from the George Washington Bridge, yet it was always some place “over there,” and while we visited, we certainly didn’t live there. I moved into ..Read more

Stan O’Connor is a Manhattan resident originally from small-town upstate New York (he doesn’t sound like a Nu Yawka). Married, dog and cat owner, inveterate walker, cyclist and explorer, he loves history, talking to strangers, cracking puns, and showing people around New York, the greatest city ..Read more

Eliza is a native New Yorker who was born and raised on the grand Island of Manhattan. She has worked on photo shoots for world-renowned designers, collaborated on the launch of a luxury women\'s footwear brand, and hosted a radio show at a top rated NYC radio station. Eliza spends her days as a per..Read more

Janet Racy, a New York City native has over 20 years experience as an international style consultant. In 1992,she formed Janet Racy and Company (,a full service company specializing in styling, creative direction, event/visual design and show production. Her client list looks like ..Read more

Born and raised in St. Louis Missouri, David became interested in acting at college as a cure for shyness. (The cure was a complete success!) Attending six different institutions of higher learning he listed his occupation as Migratory Degree Picker. He came to New York thirty years ago to pursue hi..Read more

Kevin Doyle is an Actor and Comedian who grew up in Columbus, OH and attended school in Pittsburgh, PA but is now proud to call Brooklyn New York his home. While pursuing a career in acting he became a licensed Tour Guide as a survival job, but he quickly realized it was as satisfying as any job in ..Read more

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