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I first went to New York with my father when I was 5 years old. He was in the toy business and came here for trade shows. The first place I had to go was the Empire State building and I mean to the top of it. The toys could wait; I had to get up in the clouds. What a view. Growing up in Lancaster, Pa., life was slow and easy, but too small for a boy with a big imagination. After college, I made a beeline for the city where I had always yearned to live. I love the rural area where I was raised, but I knew my destiny was to live near by my favorite building in the world. This was one thing I was sure of as I was growing up. I had a great dog but my childhood story was not a boy and his dog. Now don’t laugh. It was boy and his building. I knew this was my home town to be. As I walk or ride around the city, every time the Empire State building comes into view, it brings back the innocence and I am grateful to live in a metropolis that draws people with exceptional talent, drive and curiosity from around the world, including you. I have worked in many fields since moving here in, importing, film production and now with the city school system. I am a licensed taxi driver too! I live in the East Village, one of the most colorful parts of the city. I hope you enjoy your experience of New York’s diversity of people, art, entertainment, culture and business. Start spreading the news!

Michael Is A Tour Guide for:
Soak up in the romance and bohemian ambiance of the fabled hangouts of literary and musical legends .
Immerse yourself in the creative genius that has grown out of this venue known as the - The Village .
Only by exploring Ground Zero and its environs can you truly grasp the enormity of what transpired here .
Walk the "Line"—The High Line, New York City's fascinating new elevated park .
A magnificent evening of dinner, drinks and discovery amid the twilight splendor of the Empire State Building! .
Hoist a few as you trace the infamy of bootleggers and gang leaders in their old Hell's Kitchen haunts .
Discover New York City’s oldest classic neighborhood bars that cling fiercely to their traditions. .
Learn the true stories of heroism on 9.11
and pay solemn tribute to their sacrifice.
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