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Before I moved into New York City I had a misty but familiar feeling about New York. I had grown up in the New Jersey suburbs, only three miles away from the George Washington Bridge, yet it was always some place “over there,” and while we visited, we certainly didn’t live there. I moved into town, finally, over 30 years ago - and suddenly became entranced with its everywhereness! It isn’t a single city, but many of them. Young still, I ran down through the streets, around the island, saving money by using my feet to see my friends, go places, and get my errands done. Everything was near me - and there were neighborhoods! Finally, it dawned on me that what I really loved to do is give tours of New York. That\'s my niche, and I will swear by it!

William Is A Tour Guide for:
Love it or loathe it, Wall Street is a bastion of power and influence whose stirring sights beg exploration .
Immerse yourself in the creative genius that has grown out of this venue known as the - The Village .
Only by exploring Ground Zero and its environs can you truly grasp the enormity of what transpired here .
The best of the Seaport's spellbinding history and lore, salted with hidden treasures and trendy hot spots .
Learn the true stories of heroism on 9.11
and pay solemn tribute to their sacrifice.
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