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I am a native New Yorker, a licensed New York Sightseeing Guide, photographer, storm chaser and a lover of all things New York. I am incredibly proud to call myself a New Yorker for I have always cherished my city and all that it represents. I love its rich and fascinating history, its diversity of people, its wonderful landmarks, delightful playfulness, sumptuous and varied cuisine, its nooks and crannies, its absurd craziness, its ups, its downs; I love it all! As your guide, my inherent goal will always be to ensure the most delightful, fun and memorable experiences to any tour guest for which I have had the privilege and honor of touring.

Debbie Mason Is A Tour Guide for:
Learn the true stories of heroism on 9.11 and pay solemn tribute to their sacrifice. .
Only by exploring Ground Zero and its environs can you truly grasp the enormity of what transpired here .
Central park tour.
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